Student/School Contract

Students at Sara M. Gilmore will perform to the best of their ability and agree to:
  1. Come to school ready to learn.
  2. Have each day's homework completed and ready to hand in.
  3. Work to meet their highest expectations.
  4. Become involved in volunteering and community service.
  5. Make parents aware of all parent / teacher conferences and encourage them to attend.
  6. Respect their teachers, peers and themselves.
  7. Participate in conflict resolution activities.
  8. Have pride in their work.
The administrators and faculty of Sara M. Gilmore Academy will give every student the opportunity to fulfill their academic and artistic potential so that their goals can be achieved, we agree to the following:
  1. We will make every effort to provide students with a safe learning environment and experience.
  2. We will offer you challenging instruction in a creative environment.
  3. We will offer a variety of learning experiences.
  4. We will notify your parents whenever there is an unusual situation involving you.
  5. We will commend you and your parents for outstanding schoolwork, school and community service and discipline.
  6. We will give you necessary time and the skills to learn how to deal with conflict.
  7. We will personalize your education according to your individual talents.