About Us

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Woodrow Wilson School's specialization is Arts Integration across the curriculum.  It specializes in the visual and performing arts, integrating visual arts, vocal music, instrumental music, dance and drama throughout the curriculum.  Student involvement in the arts helps to unlock the curiosity, energy and imagination of young people and teachers, as well as to build basic academic skills.  This concept has been the philosophy on which the school's vision has been designed.  It represents a model for systemic change throughout the district.  The State of New Jersey has recognized Woodrow Wilson as one of New Jersey's "cutting edge" schools in the area of Arts Integration.  We were selected as a New Jersey State Star School as well as a model site for the Arts Create Education (ACES) Initiative.  Woodrow Wilson was the State Representative in the National Creative Ticket Award.  Woodrow Wilson School has received three New Jersey Best Practice Recognition Awards: Project M.I.A.D. - Multiple Intelligences Arts Domain, Project M.I.C.H. Multiple Intelligences Career Horizons and Project M.I.P.O.D. - Multiple Intelligences Primary Opera Domain.  The United States Department of Education has awarded Woodrow Wilson the NCLB/Blue Ribbon Award.  This is the highest honor the Federal Government can present to a school.  Most recently, Woodrow Wilson has been recognized as a State Model School in the Arts Project.

Programs to Maximize Potential

Woodrow Wilson School is committed to providing a program of educational experiences that offers opportunities for every child to realize his/her maximum potential.  The school recognizes that children with multiple intelligences, special needs, extraordinary learning abilities and/or outstanding talents need to have, in addition to the core curriculum, a differentiated school program that is based on their unique developmental needs.  Every student receives sequential instruction in music, art, dance and theater arts.  The other subjects in the curriculum - Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, World Languages, Computer Science and Physical Education are infused with the arts.  The school identifies a child's academic and/or creative potential and provides educational alternatives (e.g. special curriculum, enrichment, arts mentorship and academic acceleration) resulting in a program of positive stimulation, which challenges the student's imagination and maximizes potential in addressing the needs in the development of the "Whole Child".