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Drop-Off, Lunch, & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

  • Each day students should report to school having completed a daily health screening form:  SGA Daily Health Screening Form  (If your child has a response of “YES” to any question, please contact the school prior to coming to the building so we can provide you with further guidance. 
  • Students in Grades 1-5 should be accompanied by an adult every morning.  Daily temperature checks will be taken.  Anyone presenting with a fever will not be admitted to the building. (The school nurse will advise of steps to be taken.)
  • Arrival will be staggered using different entrances to promote social distancing.  
  • Grades 1 & 2 will use the main entrance doors
  • Grades 3 & 4 will use the schoolyard door by the playground entering on the 16th street side
  • Grades 5 & 6 will use the 17th Street loading dock entrance
  • Grades 7 & 8 will use the entrance at 16th Street nearest Kerrigan Avenue

**** In the case of siblings, students may enter using the entrance of the youngest child if more convenient for parents

  • Students should arrive no earlier than 7:50 A.M. and once inside the building they will report directly to their homerooms. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up in each classroom for students to use upon arrival. Homeroom will be extended to 8:15 AM. 
  • Students will eat breakfast in the classroom on a staggered basis as they arrive and will immediately return to mask use once they are finished eating.  

Lunch Procedures

  • An additional lunch period has been added this year to allow for more social distancing.
  • Students will be seated six feet apart in the cafeteria or gymnasium while eating
  • After eating, students will return to their classrooms and the mandatory mask policy will be enforced.
  • Weather permitting, we will seek opportunities to stagger use of the playground and soccer field during these periods.
  • Grades 1,2,6 & 7 will eat during period 6 (11:20-12:10)

               11:20-11:45:  Grade 1 will eat in the cafeteria

                                        Grade 2 will eat in the gymnasium

                                        Grades 6 & 7 will remain in classrooms or have time outside

                11:45-12:10    Grade 6 will eat in the cafeteria

                                          Grade 7 will eat in the gymnasium

                                          Grades 1 & 2 will remain in classrooms or have time outside


  • Grades 3,4,5,& 8 will eat during period 7 (12:10-1:00)

               12:10 -12:35:  Grade 3 will eat in the cafeteria

                                         Grade 4 will eat in the gymnasium

                                         Grades 5 & 8 will remain in classrooms or have time outside

                 12:35-1:00   Grade 5 will eat in the cafeteria

                                        Grade 8 will eat in the gymnasium

                                        Grades 3 & 4 will remain in classrooms or have time outside

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up at the entrance of each eating area

Movement Throughout the Building

  • Hallways and stairwells have been marked to direct the flow of traffic during school hours.
  • In an effort to maintain our cohorts, students will remain in the homerooms throughout the day and teachers instead will travel from class to class.
  • Students will visit their lockers on a staggered basis to promote social distancing
  • All restrooms will be monitored to limit the number of students entering at a time.  Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently between use, and consistently stocked with soap
  • Teachers will keep a log of the times students leave the room in case information is needed later on for contact tracing purposes.
  • We will be adhering to the UCBOE’s strict mask mandate for all building occupants regardless of vaccination status.  We will review proper mask-wearing techniques with students here at school and ask that you do the same at home.

Dismissal Procedures

  • To facilitate a staggered dismissal, we will begin our procedures at 2:45 P.M.
  • Students in Grades 5-8 who have parental permission to walk home will be released first through the same doors they used during arrival.
  • Pick-up students who have younger siblings will report to those siblings’ classrooms so they may be dismissed together.
  • Students who are being picked up will meet their parents at the same door as arrival.  Once you arrive, students will be released to you.