Community Service

Dear Parents,

Our students have the time, energy and talent to make a difference in our "Great Society".  Through their participation in helping others, they learn the meaning of involvement and commitment to our community.  They will also develop a personal belief in self awareness and character.  At the Sara M. Gilmore Academy, we believe in the strength of all individuals, who will be the future leaders of our nation.  In order to foster a culture of service, citizenship and responsibility, all students will be required to perform service to our school or community during the school year.  All community service must be completed by June 1 of each school year.
 Grades 1, 2 and 3      10 Hours of Community Service Per Year
( 2 1/2 Hours Per Marking Period ) 
 Grades 4 and 5   15 Hours of Community Service Per Year
( 3 3/4 Hours Per Marking Period )
 Grades 6, 7 and 8   30 Hours of Community Service Per Year
( 7 1/2 Hours Per Marking Period )

I hope that you will join forces with your child and become participants in life's "Great Challenges".

                                                                                         Yours in Education,
                                                                                        Geri Perez

I have recognized the importance of community involvement for my child.  I will support his / her efforts in this service.

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"America's young people will be a powerful force in our effort to overcome evil with good".
-President George W. Bush