Photo Album

mrs. rojas welcoming all to the veterans event
female students reading the welcoming speech
a female student dance group ready to perform
children from grades 1-3 together waving a salute while singing
group of children raising their hands while singing
gilmore teachers & staff with marine
union City memorial mural with the american flag in front
lovely display of the food for todays honoree's
three happy girls standing with their letters for the veterans at the breakfast
three children proudly standing ready to read their letters to the veterans
group of small children do the pledge of allegiance
8th grade student reading her poem to the veterans
group of 2nd grade students performing their song for the audience
proud students with their respective veteran family members
little girl proudly stands with her veteran grandfather & grandmother
girl proudly stands with her father a navy vet
group of children proudly dancing for the veterans
young girl stands with her grandfather vet
children singing for veterans with their hands up
children in grades 4 giving the veterans a salute
thank you veterans cake
procession of service members starting with the US Navy